We'll Give Your Car a Once-Over

Keep your vehicle fully functional with routine car inspections in Wyndmoor, PA

Annual car inspections are required by the State of Pennsylvania. Their intent is to prevent accidents and keep drivers safe on the road. They must be carried out by a certified inspection technician. When you need state vehicle inspection services in the Wyndmoor, PA area, stop by Collision Star of Wyndmoor. One of our highly trained professionals will check your car from bumper to bumper to make sure it's inspection-approved.

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How can you keep your vehicle in shape between inspections?

Between car inspections, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recommends that you:

Check your tires, engine, battery, lights and seatbelts on a weekly basis.
Check your flashers, steering, brakes and mirrors on a monthly basis.
Schedule regular maintenance from a professional mechanic.

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