Is Your Car Road-Ready?

Make sure by scheduling a car diagnostic test in Wyndmoor, PA

If your car doesn't start, your steering wheel vibrates or your AC won't cool off your car, it's time for a car diagnostic test from Collision Star of Wyndmoor. Our highly trained team can find and fix the cause of even the trickiest car trouble, whether it's a problem with your engine, timing belt, brakes or just the refrigerant level.

Find out what's wrong with your car today by scheduling a car diagnostic test at our shop in Wyndmoor, PA.

Can't get your car to go?

If your car doesn't start, it might be a problem with your:

Timing belt
Spark plugs
Distributor cap
Ignition switch
Ignition coil
Fuel pump
Fuel filter

Trust our team in Wyndmoor, PA to diagnose and repair your car trouble, no matter the cause. Bring in your vehicle now to get started.